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    Tuesday, July 30, 2013

    Happy Birthday Emily Bronte

    Today, July 30th, is Emily Bronte’s birthday. She was born in 1818 in Thornton, Yorkshire. I’ve compiled a list of suggestions for celebrating the great English novelist’s special day.

    1. Read Wuthering Heights, of course.
    2. Watch Wuthering Heights, preferably the version with Tom Hardy hotness.
    3. Write a story in the tiniest handwriting you can manage.
    4. Go for a long, long, long walk.
    5. If the weather cooperates, stand in the rain.
    6. Act obsessive and morose to your significant other.
    7. Stand in a graveyard at night and pound your chest.
    8. Ponder digging up a grave.
    9. Decide against it and make an impassioned speech.
    10. Tap on windows and creep out hapless occupants within.
     In all seriousness, thank you Emily, for the genius that is Wuthering Heights. For daring to write about arguably unlikable characters who nevertheless claim our hearts in their struggle to hold on to love.

    If you can’t get enough Wuthering Heights, here’s a link to some covet-worthy WH swag.

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