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    Wednesday, April 16, 2008

    Packing Insanity

    No, I am not "packing insanity" like an action hero would "pack a gun." Although, if the ability to inflict insanity were a weapon, my little boys might be arrested for concealing it behind their adorable smiles. (Side note: Monkey lost his third tooth last night and his grin is irresistible.) But back to my suitcase-induced mental breakdown.

    Our family is leaving for California on Friday, and this means I'm packing for three people. My sadly deluded husband suggested packing light for this trip and only taking one suitcase for he and I and one for the two boys. In case your math skills are as pathetic as mine, that's 2 suitcases for 4 people. (If a train left Colorado at 1:55 p.m. carrying all of Evangeline's necessary clothing, what time would it arrive in California? Please take into account the Rocky Mountains and Evangeline's considerable shoe needs.)

    Adding to the stress of inadequate space has been the heaps of laundry and summer clothes to go through. You see, summer is still two months away for us Coloradons, but all weather reports indicate sun and warmth in California (no complaints there.) So I had to pull out last summer's shorts for the boys and, of course, Monkey has sprouted like an aspen over the winter, making last year's shorts humorously high water on his stick legs. Naturally, this meant shopping. Which I did. I know what you're thinking, but, yes, in the middle of my crazy week, I sacrificed time to shop. I am a saint.

    So today I went at those two measly suitcases with a vengeance. I filled my half (huh-hum, three-quarters) of our suitcase and then went on to the boys'. I piled sixteen outfits in their medium-sized suitcase, and let's just say, it will take an act of God to close that thing. You know how God closed the door of Noah's ark? Well, this will go down in history as the miraculous zipping of the suitcase.

    Now, Monkey and Chunky (that's my three, soon to be four-year-old) were downstairs peacefully playing computer games. I should have known, right? Well, it was so peaceful because Chunky had helped himself to graham crackers and blueberry Pop-tarts, then returned to play PBS kids on MY computer. It seems that graham crackers and blueberry Pop-tarts when enjoyed directly over a laptop keyboard, form a kind of crumby glue. I'm not sure my 'hhhhhh' key will ever be the same again.

    Those of you who are mothers know that you always pay dearly for a bit of quiet time. That's why I'm glad this vacation will be non-stop activity. Surely there will be no expensive equipment damaged. Then again, we are taking the camcorder.


    MangyCat said...

    Oh my goodness...Good luck with those small suitcases. Hey, if God can move mountains, He can move a family of four in two suitcases. ;o)

    Anonymous said...

    Aaah yes, but where will you fit the souvenirs? :) Hey, maybe you could buy a suitcase as a souvenir?