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    Friday, September 12, 2008

    Congratulations! You've been Gothed.

    You know your friends are weird when they show up at your house on a normal Thursday afternoon, looking like this.

    Actually, these, er, lovely ladies were celebrating the completion of my book, Brandy and The Vine and helping me get psyched about my upcoming writer's conference. In case you’re wondering, “Why Goth?” my novel is about a Goth girl who has an identity crisis and ends up with more of a makeover than she bargained for.

    I’m a newbie writer, but how could I not feel pumped about my first ACFW conference with this kind of support behind me? I plan on showing these pictures to any and all editors or agents I run into. Don’t you think that’ll get their attention? Just kidding. But I did feel incredibly special when the self-proclaimed first members of my fan club showed up on my doorstep like over enthusiastic trick-or-treators a month early. And for those of you out there (you know who you are) wishing you’d gotten the memo about this impromptu send-off, if Brandy and The Vine ever gets published, you’ll get your chance to don black clothes and dark make-up. My book launch party will definitely be a “costumes encouraged” event.

    Naturally, my friends (known to the world as Stevie, Goldie, and The Young One) convinced me to Goth-it-up a bit for some photos. We had a great time trying to look scary and failing completely.

    All weirdness aside—as if that were even possible—everyone should feel so blessed. When your friends are willing to scour Goodwill for chunky black boots, tear holes in their clothing, and paint their skin just to show their support of your creative strangeness, you’re either the struggling lead singer of a metal band, or you’re me—the luckiest budding writer on the planet.


    Donita K. Paul said...

    What every mother wants to see--her daughter and friends in Goth. Go, Goth, Go - - - AWAY!
    AAAAARRRRGH! Where's my princess? Kidding aside, you are running with a fabulous crowd. Can I make Goth cupcakes for the launch party? i think that's what a mommy is supposed to do, right?

    Beth K. Vogt said...

    I am now truly all the way over on the dark side ...and I'll blame my actions on the voices--and "Goldie"!

    Anonymous said...

    I agree, what a fabulous crowd indeed! But only for you! Who else could entice me to rip my clothing and paint my skin, and then - eeks! go out in public? Scary! Hopefully, you are now primed to go out in public with 'Brandy' too. That is also scary, but if anyone can do it, you and your internal creative weirdness can! :) And when you get home, your fan club will be waiting for you, since their are no metal bands clamoring for us. :)
    Go goth for God, girl!

    MangyCat said...

    What fun! Yes, Donita, I think some cupcakes with black frosting are called for. Let me know if you need help drawing the skulls on top in white icing. :oP

    Holly said...

    umm...how come I didn't know you were in blog world?????
    cute stuff by the way!
    have fun at your conference!!