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    Tuesday, November 4, 2008

    Obsessed Much?

    So I did something a little fanatical today. No, it had nothing to do with the election. Yes, I voted. Whatever.

    After I stood in line and played connect the dots with my ballot, I took myself over to Target to buy my own birthday presents. See, Kory and I have a good system. I either tell him exactly what I want and he gets it, or I just get it for myself. I’m never disappointed. Actually, I’m not hard to please, so when Kory goes out on a limb, it’s still all good.

    Anyway, I had one particular thing in mind—the Twilight soundtrack that released today. When I got to the store, however, they were still stocking, so I had to ask a helpful Target employee who had to go find somebody else who had to go to the back and get me my CD.

    There was a time when this spotlight on my rather immature obsession with the Twilight Saga would have embarrassed me. But here I am blogging about the experience, so obviously I’ve reached some level of tranquility regarding my geekiness. (Besides, I have a track record for humiliating myself at Target, so there’s not much I can really do to change my “That Weird Lady with the Cat Toy” title.)

    But it is true that I tend to go overboard on some things, like LOTR, Harry Potter, and now Twilight. But you know what? That’s just me. And what do we notice about my little obsessions? They’re all really good stories. So sue me if I still get weepy when I think about Frodo and Sam trudging through Mordor, or Harry walking into the Forbidden Forest to face Voldemort, or Edward and Bella…okay, I don’t get weepy about Edward and Bella. But you get the point.

    I will be—gasp, sputter, choke—THIRTY on Friday, and frankly, all hope for the label “cool” deserted me ten years ago. So I’m unapologetically embracing my inner dork, and I intend to have fun with said dork standing in line for hours on November 21st, signing petitions for Stephenie Meyer to finish and release Midnight Sun, and compulsively re-reading my old standbys, LOTR and Harry.

    And now, I’m off to change my Facebook status to “Vote Carlisle Cullen for President.”


    Beth K. Vogt said...

    30. Those were the days, my friend.
    And, for the record, you are so not a dork. You are a delightful, full of fun, creative woman. I am thrilled our paths crossed. Who knows? I just may go get myself a copy of the Twilight series just because you like it and I like you!
    Happy Birthday early--I'll be winging my way to MN on Friday.

    Sara said...

    It is 100% okay to embrace the inner dork (I embrace my inner geek often :P ). Though I have to say that after reading Host, I'm not a Meyers fan--but if it makes you happy, read away :)

    Heather Diane Tipton said...

    Thirty! wow, you'll be old! oh wait... I'm already there! LOL I think 30 is a great age! embrace it! have fun with it! Happy early Birthday!

    Anonymous said...

    Alas, I must be even dorkier than you, because I have no idea who these strange vampires are that you are obsessed with! Eeeks, maybe that means as you get older, you grow clueless too! And blonder? :)
    Enjoy your 2nd Annual 29th Birthday!

    Linda B said...

    Happy Belated Birthday!