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    Saturday, February 7, 2009


    When I was a teenager, my brother would occasionally look at me, raise one brow, and say, “You’re bubbly.” Translated into Non-male, I’m pretty sure that meant, “You’re bouncy, flaky, and way too girly.”

    My brother is a very patient person, but I tried his patience whenever I thought it convenient, necessary, or just plain entertaining. Case has been the size of a football player since the sixth grade. If he had a mean bone in his body, I never would have made it.

    I don’t get bubbly very often anymore. Sure I get happy, excited, gassy, but not jump-up-and-down, flap your arms like Wallace, giggle like a twelve-year-old bubbly. I like to think I’m a little too mature for that. But I’m bubbly today, and I’ll tell you why.

    But first, because I’m becoming fond of torture in my advanced years, I’ll tell you all the reasons it could be. (But isn’t.)

    It’s not because we refinanced our house this week. Even though Kory—my adorable, number-loving, engineer hubby—is very pleased with the rearrangement of figures in our mortgage, I can’t quite work up the energy for so much as a “Wee!”

    I’m not bubbly because Monkey stayed out of the principal’s office this week, is making great progress in his school work, and managed to be really nice to his brother last Sunday.

    And I’m not bouncing because Chunky’s homeschooling is going great, he’s kicking four-year-old patootie in gymnastics, and he made real strides toward blowing his own nose this week. (An aside: You can pick your nose. You can pick your friends. And, apparently, you can pick your son’s nose when you’re so tired of hearing “mmmfflork” every three seconds that you stick your pinky up there and dig out the offending boogie yourself.)

    I’m not overjoyed because Bubba and I found some really awesome MIA black velvet stretch boots on Endless for half price. I’m not bubbly because today I added 30 whole seconds to my top jogging time, bringing me up to a minute and a half.

    And I’m not ecstatic because I found an instant mix for Hot and Sour soup that tastes great, looks like barf, and only has six carbs.

    I’m thankful for all of the above. But I am pee-my-pants happy that my novel Brandy and The Vine will be on the desks of nine editors very, very soon. I got the email this morning that my proposal and manuscript are ready, set, GO!

    I’m not counting premature poultry here. Maybe you think I should reserve the bubbly for when/if I get a contract. But I feel like celebrating this step regardless of whether or not Brandy finds a publishing house. It feels good to be here, and I am giddy with excitement.

    If my brother were here, he’d definitely be raising that brow and muttering something about excitable females. And then I’d steal and hide his book—just like I did when we were kids—and demand that he party with me.


    Lisa Buffaloe said...

    Congratulations! Joining in your cyber-celebration!

    Daphne said...

    Congrats! Hooray! and I think that "found" in paragraph 4 was meant to be "fond", right?

    Sara said...

    I think this is a perfect time to get bubbly!

    Heather Diane Tipton said...

    WOOOOOHOOOO! Celebrate every moment in this business that you can!!

    Donita K. Paul said...

    Ah yes, as the mother of said bubbly girl, I remember her stealing whatever book her brother was reading. Miss Happy Girl would hold it hostage until she was tired of her brother winning whatever game they played and then she'd give back the book. Big brother is still a book hound and will someday be a doctor of literature. He'll know what book to read for whatever ails you.

    Evangeline Denmark said...

    Daphne, I must introduce you to my friend Beth, the other Evil Editor. Just kidding. Thanks for catching that mistake.

    Rachael Selk said...

    Oh! That's so excighting! Yay!

    Daphne said...

    You know, I have often wondered if it would be possible to get a job in editing without actually having a degree in English. Surely the psych one would count, right? It is my only true talent, being critical of real talent. Congrats agian!

    Beth K. Vogt said...

    First, let me say, I believe in celebrating every step along the writing road! Having your ms sent out to nine editors is reason to "Happy Dance." I have been known to dance my way out of the post office after mailing galley proofs or a query letter or an accepted article. One time I "Happy Danced" in the drive through lane at Sonic when a friend called me on my cell and told me she took first place in a writers' contest.
    So, go get Bubbly. Or drink Bubbly.
    And I'd love to meet Daphne.

    Evangeline Denmark said...

    Daphne, it's not the degree that makes an editor. I know because I have an English degree with an emphasis in professional writing, and I couldn't hack it as an editor. And I know a few people with degrees in other areas who are fantastic editors. I don't know what it is that makes a good editor. Maybe Beth could enlighten us since she's a fabulous (only somewhat evil) one.

    Anonymous said...

    Okay, first of all- I have heard the boogie saying as: You can pick your nose. You can pick your friends. But, you can not wipe your friends underneath your seat when you're done with them. But, hey, it's your blog. :)

    Second of all, I do agree Beth is only slightly evil. Except on occasions. :)

    Third, Daphne spelled 'again' wrong. But, I am not an editor, just annoying. :)

    Fourth, I am "happy dancing" with you, in my favorite Goth outfit because you WILL be published!

    D. Gudger said...

    That is so freakin' cool about your mss! Mine is just starting to peek at editors. Traveled to San Diego last weekend. Hope it had fun w/ my agent...

    How did you do you blog's title bar? I want to add graphics but don't know how

    Evangeline Denmark said...

    Darcie, I happen to know a graphic genius who put together my title bar. She found the shoe photo and got permission from the photographer and then came over to my house, threw spaghetti on my laptop, and viola! we have an awesome title bar.
    Sorry I couldn't be of more assitance.
    Good luck and blessings on your mss.

    Amy Jane (Untangling Tales) said...

    So how's this going?

    I'm wrapping up my last clean-up before I do my last-last read-through and sent the mss to my "test-readers", so I'm naturally curious about people who are ahead of me along this road.

    Have you blogged about the process at all? (I found from the beginning I have to blog as a sort of detox/cool-down from a flurry of work)