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    Friday, March 19, 2010

    Good News is Way Better than Dieting

    First, congratulations to Atypical Girl. You won a copy of Tracey Bateman’s Thirsty. I know you’re going to love it. I encourage everybody else to go out and buy it. And if you like to read Christian fantasy/allegory/speculative fiction/COOL stuff, then go to your local Christian bookstore and ask them to order it for you if they don’t have it. I, and other bright and attractive folks like me, would love to see this genre grow.

    Have you ever had something wonderful slap you out of your own miserable belly-button contemplation? That happened to me this week. I’ve been on an angst-ridden what-do-I-do-now treadmill since Secret Agent Man called and said we weren’t getting anywhere with my supernatural romance. (See above sentiments about speculative genres.) He asked me to come up with a new project to pitch.

    I brainstormed with my mom, my brother, and some other trusted writer friends, sent off a couple emails, then boarded a flight to Poor Me Land. I haven’t heard back from Secret Agent Man, which means he’s

    A. Really busy
    B. Afraid I’ll cry over the phone
    C. Captured by the enemy and being tortured for information

    I hope it’s not C.

    In the midst of my career hiccup and corresponding with my children’s spring break, I decided to go on a diet. My husband tried to convince me this was a somewhat dangerous idea, but I assured him that—despite knowing me better than anyone else—he was mistaken.

    Seasoned dieters know what the day before you start the diet looks like, so I’m not going spell it out, but the initials are P-i-g O-u-t. The fun thing is, the diet I’m on actually encourages this and even has a technical, guilt-reducing name for it: Loading. Doesn’t that sound official and medical and reasonable? I like it.

    I met my friend at PF Chang’s in order to load, and she shared some wonderful news with me. It was as if some giant hand reached down and picked me out of my stinky, self-absorbed swamp. I was and am so genuinely happy. For someone else!

    Maybe this doesn’t seem like such an accomplishment to you. And no, I’m not some selfish, stingy jerk who can never celebrate another’s success. But the moment I experienced the other day was just so completely joyful that I had to stop and take note and just revel in the Wonderful.

    I hope your spring break brings some Wonderful your way. And for those of you asking, what was the news? Well, it’s not mine to share. Besides, this blog is about me.

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    Jessica Nelson said...

    I'm not going to spell it out or anything, but you CRACK me up. Heeheee!
    Awesome to hear about the news, I'm glad you're keeping the blog about you, and I sincerely hope Secret Agent Man isn't being tortured either. :-)
    Have a great weekend!