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    Thursday, June 24, 2010

    The Hidden Talents of Little Boys

    I’ve long suspected that my first son has a career as a professional interrogator ahead of him. All kids have that special ability to ask “Why?” until their parents would joyfully swallow nails in order to get them to stop. But Monkey—Monkey is something else. With his auditory processing disorder and the hyper-focusing that sometimes accompanies ADHD, Monkey could get innocent men to confess to murder with no other weapon but the word why.

    I’ve expanded my theory about Monkey’s usefulness in the interrogation room and come up with, what I think, is a brilliant method our military might want to look into when trying to get information from suspected terrorists.

    I’d like to put forth the hypothesis that using no means other than a group of little boys, our military powers-that-be could get more intel faster than they do with their current methods. And so, I’d like to present my top ten list of ways to use the mysterious, obnoxious power of little boys to break hardened criminals.

    10. Star Wars references. To one not enamored with all things Skywalker, the ability of boys to endlessly discuss Star Wars can, AND WILL, drive the non-little boy mind quite thoroughly mad.

    9. Beans. The concept is simple, yes, but mind-blowing in its implications. Feed five little boys beans. Wait two to four hours. Release . . . um . . . well, just release on suspected criminal.

    8. Cafeteria line. This sorta goes with number 9. Why not make the suspects feed the five little boys? Anyone who has ever tried to fill the hollow, gaping black holes that are little boys’ mouths will know that it’s a task similar to spinning plates. As soon as you’ve shoveled chow into the mouth of the last boy in line, you’ve gotta go back and start over again.

    7. Yellow alert. It’s crude, yes, but this is for the really bad guys. Suspect must clean up after little boys take a bathroom break. “You missed a spot.”

    6. Transformers: Give each boy a brand new, still-packaged Transformer. Suspect must remove toy from packaging, then transform toy from character to vehicle following directions in Japanese. (Unless, suspect is Japanese, then I recommend Icelandic instructions.) This also works like the spinning plate game. No sooner will the suspect finish with the last Transformer than he’ll have to start over again and transform them back to vehicles.

    5. Stupid jokes. Boy Number One: “Two guys walk into a bar and FART!” Boys Two through Four: “HAHAHAHAHA!” Repeat indefinitely.

    4. Legos. Put boys in room with approximately 1 billion Legos. Come back and remove boys in one hour. Put terrorist in room barefoot. Turn off lights.

    3. Put your shoes on. This is like those horrible word problems you had to do in elementary school math. You have five boys. Each boy has two feet. How many shoes do you need? 10. How many shoes do you have? 9. And none of them match. “Show your work.”

    2. Car ride: All the fun of numbers 10 through 3, but in an enclosed space.

    And finally, the number one way to break a terrorist suspect using the incapacitating power of little boys:

    1. My Turn! One game system. Two controllers. Five boys. Terrorist must negotiate turn-taking.

    Moms of boys, am I on to something here?


    Kathy said...

    Tears are running down my face. You have nailed it, Evangeline. As a veteran classroom teacher I can just see all of this.

    We teachers strongly suspected that our prinicpals and other admin folks couldn't take the heat of tweny+ little people so they got positions where they could tell us in the trenches how to do it. ??? Yeah.

    The only consoling thought I could come up with was that you didn't have five little girls. Girls will have dramatic fights that can never actually be traced to a causal action.

    They will whine, pout, and push everyone's buttons all while screaming! When you think about legos think about group whining. I prefer the legos.

    I did figure out the math problem, though.
    Add three shoes to the original ten (take from a random closet). Now place one shoe in the bathroom, two unmatched shoes under the bed, and one is high up on a bookshelf - I am not saying how it got there.

    Now the remaing shoes don't match. I think. I can't show the work but I could recommend the right headache medication.

    Great Blog!

    Lauri said...

    As the mom of three boys, I am laughing. What is it with the fart jokes?

    All I'd add was the ability to argue over the least important things for hours on end. Oh, and the shoving, hitting, tormenting one another.