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    Monday, April 25, 2011

    Birthday, Easter, and Green Mama Winner!

    It’s Monday. I’m home. Alone. With the Easter candy. Help!

    There’s also lots of cake and ice cream around the house.

    Today is my baby’s 7th birthday. We had a party on Friday night that included an egg hunt. Thank goodness our annual Easter snow held off until Sunday.

    If you read my Green Mama posts last week, you know I had some guilt over the plastic eggs. Things went from bad to worse when I discovered I hadn’t bought enough. Turns out I can’t multiply 7X24 in my head at The Dollar Store. I had to run out last minute and purchase more eggs to reach a total of 168 (thank God for calculators and Wal-Mart.) I do solemnly swear to keep the eggs and re-use them next year and the year after and the year after…

    Chunky’s party also featured a visit from Kritter Karavan. The kids got to touch hedgehogs and see them play in paper towel tubes. They saw chinchillas take a dust bath and snakes eat mice. The mice were dead and came out of a frozen package much like a TV dinner. I found it utterly disturbing, but the kids loved it. The same can be said for actual TV dinners. They also saw turtles and a blue-tongued skink, a kind of lizard that does, indeed, have a blue tongue.

    We had a lovely Easter. If you’re in the mood to read my reflections on the Easter story as it pertains to the craft of writing, hop on over to The Inkwell blog. We hosted lunch at our house, and the boys were thoroughly spoiled by their grandparents, aunt, and cousin. Aunt Kathy even brought an Easter basket for Willie the Heeler.

    Now I’m gearing up for The Pikes Peak Writers Conference at the end of this week and two possible herptilian additions to our family. We’ve been talking about getting a turtle ever since The Dragon and the Turtle came out. Just last week we heard of two box turtles in need of a home, so we’re hoping they’ll come live with us. Maybe my next post will be their introduction.

    I hope you all had a blessed Easter and have found a way to cope with your sugared-up children and your own weakness for Cadbury chocolate and robin’s egg malt balls. Or is that just me?

    One more thing. Congratulations to Sonia who won the signed copy of Tracey Bianchi’s Green Mama. Please send your contact info to me at Evangelinedenmark at msn dot com.


    Beth K. Vogt said...

    Oh--I think I know Sonia!! How fun!!
    I'll make sure she gets the message.
    And just so you know, I am utterly exhausted after reading your post. Going back to bed.

    Jeanne T said...

    Wow! You've had a week! You're a brave soul to have live Kritters at your kiddo's birthday party! Far braver than I. BTW, I agree with you on tv dinners. That got a laugh. :)
    May your coming week be a little calmer and not too full of candy.
    P.S. My oldest cracked me up on Easter. He's jumping around, literally, and he asks: "Mom, may I have more candy?"
    My answer was the two letter one. :)

    Teena Stewart said...

    Hey Evangeline,

    I love the honesty of your blog. Was wondering if you do book reviews, giveaways, or author interviews? I am a published author and have a new book--Benevolence: Ministering to the Poor and Needy, coming out in June. Trying to get some exposure for it.


    Teena Stewart You can email me at smartwords@embarmail.com
    website is http://www.teenastewart.com