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    Monday, December 12, 2011

    Crouching Caterpillar, Hidden Unibrow

    Last week, on a whim, I got my eyebrows waxed. As you might’ve guessed, I’ve never gone under the wax before. Somehow I grew up blissfully unaware of my own forehead fleece. I’m not sure when I realized my brows were denser than the rainforest. I think it slowly dawned on me, not unlike my need for a training bra in fifth grade.

    A couple friends have invited me along to their regular brow waxing appointments. Not like, “You get eyebrows waxed, me give you banana,” but in a friendly, non gorilla-hating way.

    So, I figured, what the heck?

    But I wanted to experience my first de-browing alone. I mean, it is sorta personal, right?

    I went to the salon where mom and I get our pedicures. When I walked in without her, they assumed I was there to buy a gift certificate. When I boldly stated, “I want a manicure and brow wax,” Vivian beamed her approval. I like Vivian. She always adds cool water to the pedicure basin because she knows I’m a wimp and can’t take the hot stuff. And she’s not overly enthusiastic with the heel file. In short, she doesn’t make beauty hurt.

    Unfortunately, Vivian doesn’t do the waxing.

    But I didn’t know that, so I relaxed while she gave me a gel manicure. I admit, her drawn-on purple eyebrows gave me pause. Would I have to draw my own brows back on when she was done with me? Surely sweet Vivian wouldn’t be that extreme.

    When Vivian finished with my nails, she sent me to a closet room in the back and went on to her next client. That’s when I got a little nervous. The woman in the wax room didn’t offer her name, but pointed to a blanket-covered cot with a pillow for my head.

    I tried to subtly scope out her brows while I got situated. What I saw didn’t put my mind at ease. Did this woman understand I just wanted a trim? Or would I leave the salon pink, shiny, and permanently surprised?

    I tried to explain. I told her I was used to having heavy brows. I almost ran. But then it was too late.

    The first strip wasn’t even as bad as pulling off a band-aid. No sweat, I thought. By the third I was wincing. But it didn’t take long. Pretty soon she gooped the space between my brows, smoothed the paper on, and worked her magic.

    I prepared to leave, confident I at least had some remaining hair. That’s when the tweezers came out. She yanked away at my newly-waxed skin and actually started talking to me.

    “You beautiful.”

    The way she said it made it sound like I was due to be sacrificed to a volcano any minute. I was confused but responded with a “thank-you.”

    She pursed her lips, plucked, shook her head and again said in a tragic voice, “You beautiful.”

    I half-expected her to add, “too bad you’ll turn back into a Yeti when you leave here.”

    Again I mumbled my thanks.

    Finally it seemed like she was wrapping up with the torture. She sighed and held up two fingers. “You come back. Two weeks! You come back. You beautiful. Go see.”

    She directed me to the mirror, and I peered in to discover she had indeed left a few of my dark brows—and a lot of pink skin.

    “See. You like. Not so messy. You come back. Two weeks!”

    I promised to return for more pain and beat it out of the room. I’m still not used to the new me. For one thing, my street cred with the native Sasquatches took a huge hit. And I keep getting carried away with the eye shadow. And then there are the bumps. An uncooked Christmas turkey’s got nothing on me in the dimple department.

    Yeah, I know, you want a picture. All I have is this one of me trying to figure out how to use the camera on Persephone. You can’t see my eyebrows, but I think my confused expression says it all.

    Does every new iPhone owner have similar picture? I’m just curious.

    But I do have something almost as wooly as my pre-waxed eyebrows to share with you. Yes, these guys have way too much time on their hands, but their dogs are awesome!


    Jennifer ♥ said...

    Oooh, I love waxing! Well, eyebrow waxing anyway - bikini waxing, not so fun! I tried threading at the mall last year and thought it was more painful than waxing....and I was on display for everyone to see. Didn't like that so much.

    Donita K. Paul said...

    What is threading? The representative of the older generation wants to know.

    Jennifer ♥ said...

    Threading is another way of removing hair. They use a piece of thread wound tightly between their 2 hands and roll it across the area to remove a section of hair. It was interesting to watch!

    Beth K. Vogt said...

    Remove the sunglasses. I want to see the waxed brows.
    I always get a little nervous when someone is doing something to me and saying, "You beautiful."
    Add the verb in there please.
    Going to be?
    Never gonna be?


    Brandi said...

    I have really bushy eyebrows, so I have to get 'em waxed. And yeah, those tweezers that come out afterward are the worse. It's especially bad when the person waxing you is particularly meticulous. Honestly, I won't fret if you leave a few stray hairs. No one will notice!

    Gina Conroy said...

    You are such a tease! Show us the brows! I've been waxing my brows since I was like 12! I should go back every 2-3 weeks, but I don't. My mom's the one who does the waxing, which can be a good and bad thing! And I have to agree. The plucking is the worst part!

    Anonymous said...

    Of all the crazy things I've done (and I've done a few), I have never once been tempted to wax my eyebrows in any form.

    There. I said it.

    I'm a plucker because I've never liked the idea of wax on *any* thing but my birthday cake.