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    Tuesday, February 28, 2012

    Costumes and Creativity

    What do you get when you cross Tron with Steampunk? This guy!

    What do Doctor Who fans wear on weekends? This!

    What happens when you ask a red clone trooper to pose for a picture? He hands over his gun, apparently.

    The GalaxyFest convention was fun, exhausting and at times a little scary. We attended both as authors and vendors. We did a Dragon and Turtle story hour and Mom was on a Christian YA panel, but we also sold books and Dragon Lady Shoppe jewelry. Our table was right down the hall from the bathroom (good) and the body-painting room (not so good.) To say I wasn’t quite prepared for the amount of decorated skin I saw would be an understatement. Not to diminish the artists or their chosen canvases, but I did have the urge to grab Cat Lady or Poison Ivy, haul her over to a person in an elaborately crafted Steampunk outfit and say, “Ok, honey, THIS is a costume. What you have on is underwear. Costume. Underwear. Questions?”

    But to each her own.

    We met some of the nicest people. Stationed across the hall from us were a couple and their little boy who do gun modding for conventions. They provide squirt guns and Nerf guns, paint and do-dads for attendees to trick the guns out to look sci-fi or steampunk. They were awesome, and we traded goods so my boys got to make guns. They both loved it, but Monkey really spent time on his. Here’s his gun.

    I’d been looking forward to the steampunk tea party on Sunday afternoon, and ended up being asked to help serve. I was happy to fill in and even happier that I didn’t spill anything on my clothes.

    I got to hear the dark fairy band Pandora Celtica which got me jonesing to get back to my fairy stories. My writer friend, Brandi Boddie, presented me with The Steampunk Bible, a gorgeously illustrated book that will come in handy as I work on my dystopian/steampunk YA novel.

    As I mentioned in my previous blog, I’m addicted to the creativity that zings around these gatherings. It makes me want to go home and write! As we head into March, notorious in Colorado for blizzards, I'm hoping to hideaway with my imaginary people.

    What are your plans for March? Is there a creative project you're hoping to work on or finish this spring? And if you could dress up as a favorite character, who would it be?


    Daphne said...

    One does not ever shorten the word "Doctor" to "Dr." when typing or writing out "Doctor Who" or "The Doctor", Evangaline. Big no-no. IF any "Dr. Who" fans exist, they are mercilessly mocked.

    Evangeline Denmark said...

    I'm sorry. It's fixed! I am actually not a Doctor Who fan (or a Dr. Who fan) although I am trying very hard to get over the cheesiness of the special effects in order to like the show as I rightfully should.

    Brandi said...

    The convention was a lot of fun! Cool pics! I think I may have made the same mistake on my blog concerning Doctor Who. Whoops, lol! I never watched the show anyway, so I won't feel too bad if I get mocked.

    Jennifer ♥ said...

    I don't think I understood a single word of this post - LOL!! No idea what 'Steampunk' is and never heard of GalaxyFest. Glad you had fun!!!

    Linda B said...

    Well, I would love to work on a creative writing project, like finishing the sci-fi novel that I absolutely LOVE, but all the most urgent writing tasks involve revision and editing. I do hope and plan to sew some more stuff to wear to the Renaissance Faire, not just for myself but for a couple of my kids who have outgrown their old outfits. That is totally creative. And if I could dress up as a favorite character . . . well, would I get to have an actual figure like that character also? Could I be a Gibson girl Anne of Green Gables? Or Arwen Evenstar? Or Princess Buttercup? Or Maid Marian?

    And about Doctor Who. You will appreciate it more if you watch in order starting from Christopher Eccleston and proceeding to David Tennant. Unless you're as nerdy as me and want to watch the Tom Baker years out of sheer sentiment and fondness for Sarah Jane and Leela.