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    Thursday, May 16, 2013

    Restless in Turtle Land

    It had to be done.

    On Monday I moved our female turtle, Molly, into her own house.  The amazing habitat my husband built just wasn’t big enough for two anymore. Ever since Molly came out of hibernation, Roger has made the poor girl’s existence a nightmare. If she so much as pokes her face out of the substrate, he thinks it’s time for some lovin’.

    She wasn’t eating or bathing. She wouldn’t even come out from under her rock. Poor thing needed some intervention.

    So I fixed up a plastic crate with rocks, wood chips, a private bath and a flower-festooned clay hut. Then I transferred Molly to her new digs. She loves it! Now she comes out, eats, and tootles around her home.

    The only problem is, I had to put Molly’s house inside the bigger habitat so she’d get the light and heat she needs from the special lamps. Since her new home is clear plastic, Roger can still see the object of his affection.

    He crawls along the edge like a lovesick peeping tom, clawing at the plastic. I think if he could howl, he would. I’m hoping time will calm his wild turtle urges, but until then it’s bachelorhood for Roger.

    The thing is, I know how he feels. And I’m not referring to spring time friskiness. (We won’t go there.) I know what it’s like to see the thing I want yet be blocked by a barrier I don’t understand. I see my goal of publication and I scratch away, trying to move toward it, and I think, “Why can’t I get there? Why can’t I have that?”

    Poor Roger and me. We need a distraction. We need to appreciate the stuff we have. Maybe we should take up a hobby. What if I dipped him in paint and let him crawl over a canvas? That would keep us both occupied for a while, and maybe Turtle Art would be the next big thing.

    Anyone else out their frustrated? What’s the goal you can see but just can’t get to?

    And how much would you pay for art created by a licentious turtle?


    Debbie Maxwell Allen said...

    For me, the frustrating goal is trying to finish a manuscript, but so many urgent things take the place of writing time. And I caught a cold. Boohoo.


    Linda B said...

    You have my sympathy. As you know, I'm in the same boat. And it doesn't help that two different editors have been tying up two of my manuscripts for eight months and counting, without so much as hint as to what's going on . . .

    Sarah said...

    For me, it's weight loss. I am constantly tempted to think, "if I can just lose x lbs, THEN I'll be happy." But the problem with that thinking is that it leaves me in a place of waiting to be happy...and unhappy people are simply less attractive, less confident, and less enjoyable. So, I decided that, since it's going to take a while to change the fat part, I'd rather be fat and happy, than fat and unhappy. Might as well just enjoy the multitude of other good things in my life, while I'm working and waiting on the one big thing I want to change. There are too many wonderful moments happening every day with my husband, kids, friends, and God (moments I can't get again) to miss out because I'm worried about my looks! Not worth it!