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    Friday, May 30, 2008

    Public Service Announcement

    Last week, Megan DeMaria offered her family’s saying, “No sense being dumb if you don’t show it” as comfort for my humbled state. Well, this week I have to say, “No sense being dumb if other people can’t learn from your mistakes.” And so, my public service announcement:

    When you go to an automatic car wash and they give you damp towels to clean the inside of your car while you’re vehicle is pummeled by high powered hoses and thick foam, by all means wipe down your dashboard, steering wheel, and seats. But please don’t clean the buttons that control your automatic windows. This is simply not smart. However, if you do unwisely choose to scrub these buttons with your towel and the inevitable occurs, please have the presence of mind to calmly and quickly ROLL YOUR WINDOW BACK UP. Screaming and ducking will not do any good.

    I hope this little reminder is helpful to those of you who share my accident-prone nature. Maybe it’s a lack of foresight that gets me into these jams. Whatever the case may be, at least I know I can kill two birds with one stone. On busy days when I haven’t had time to shower, I can always go through the car wash with my windows down. Hey, I bet I could bathe the kids that way too!

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    Megan DiMaria said...

    Wow. You're a font of great stories for your novels. I hope you take advantage of your life and put it in pages.


    A prisoner of hope,