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    Friday, August 29, 2008

    I Luurrv My New Blog Design

    Hey Everyone. It seems improving Bubba and/or myself is a lost cause, so management decided to revamp my blog instead.
    Web guru, lifestyle coach, and all around fabulous gal, Mangycat, took pity on me and stepped in with her magic wand.
    First she conjured the following snazzy photo from Flickr.com contributor, LisaBelle0705, who granted us permission to use this awesome image from her Photostream:

    Then Mangycat and I had some fun with my boys' Legos, some spaghetti, and an authentically dirty floor.

    Mangycat worked some voodoo this afternoon, and now my blog has a spectacular new design. Take a stroll by and check out the new look. I've gotta get back to my happy dance.


    MangyCat said...

    I'm so glad you like it, Evangeline! It was super fun to do, and I enjoyed watching your eyes fill with horror when I said, "Yes, we should open your laptop. Yes, the spaghetti should be on top of it." :oD

    Linda B said...

    Love the new look! Mangy did a great job.

    bigguysmama said...

    Wow, so that really was your laptop?! Brave woman. I really love the look. Don't know the last time I wore heels. Hmm, come to think of it, I don't believe I even own any. Geez, i can't even think of a time in the last 10 yrs I've needed to wear any. Pretty sad state of affairs.

    Blessings from another mom who barely has time to BIBO,

    Mimi B in MN

    hoping to meet your mom at the MOA in a few weeks!

    Beth K. Vogt said...

    Ve-ery slick.
    Make sure you pack a pair of 4 inch red heels when you head to ACFW!
    Nice job, mangycat! Kudos!

    Kim said...

    Evangeline! Great new look - I love it!

    I was in horror too when I saw the spaghetti - great idea :)
    Love you!

    carla stewart said...

    Amazing blog design. Don't you just love when supercreative people take your dream ideas and make them real? I recently won a blog design and absolutely love it. It's better than a new pair of shoes, but aren't those ruby heels something?
    Congrats to you and mangycat.

    Megan DiMaria said...

    It's perfect for you and your readers. I can feel the angst.

    Good job!

    A prisoner of hope,

    Evangeline Denmark said...

    Okay, I love Mimi B's term BIBO. Lights shone, bells rung when I read it. It's just cute as four-year-old in his daddy's shoes. Now I'm trying to think of how I can use it. Could those of us caught in the perpetual whirl of womanhood and searching for time to access oxygen, call ourselves BIBO chicks? BIBO women? BIBO ladies?
    Thanks Mimi for the adorable abbreviation.
    And yes, Mom will be at Mall of America and so will I, but as I'm not published, I get to focus the whole day on the real priority. SHOPPING!

    Deb said...

    Ahh!!! I *love* it! What a terrific blog design! :)

    Debbie, who kinda lurks