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    Wednesday, October 8, 2008

    Discovery Channel Pajamas

    The nights are getting nippy here in Colorado. My husband has an alternative pronunciation of that word. No doubt yours does too, but we’ll leave them to their illusions of suggestive originality, shall we?

    The other day I crawled in bed to watch last year's tragically abbreviated season of Heroes with hubby. Only a moment passed before I was up again, pulling a second pajama shirt over my head and digging around in the sock drawer for some woolies.

    My husband groaned. In typical caring wife fashioned, I grumbled, “What’s your problem?”

    Kory responded with his best Discovery channel narrator voice. “The cold winter months have come at last, and the female of the species begins the laborious task of fashioning her thick winter coat.”

    I warned him immediately that there would be no mention of accumulating an extra layer of blubber for the harsher temperatures, but British voice-over guy continued.

    “The male of the herd finds himself increasingly isolated by the female as she prepares to weather the winter months. In frustration, he seeks other forms of entertainment, smacking his antlers into trees, destroying small woodland creatures, and challenging other males to pointless competitions for superiority.”

    I griped something about the poor female having to corral the young bucks while the dominant male showed off his prowess in senseless masculine pursuits and then we laughed and moved on to our show. (Does anyone else think the Indian professor on Heroes is yummy? Dunk that guy in curry and give me some naan!)

    Anyway, it seems that I now have the challenge before me of finding some, I don’t know, less-than-thermal winter night wear. Here’s the problem, you go to the store and you have two choices—slinky, skimpy, and shivery, or thick, toasty, and hideous. Yes, my winter pajamas could be mistaken for men’s. They’re plaid, shapeless, and, oh, so warm. It’s a dilemma. A real dilemma. But as long as I’m not adding yet another layer of insulating fat, I don’t think DH has any grounds for complaint. And if he does, well, surely there's a rabbit around to serve as a football.


    Sara said...

    I can help in the sock area--Bath & Body Works has some amazingly warm "sweetest softest" slipper socks--they are in fun colors and have little grippers on the bottom, so they work fine on tile and wood floors!

    And my favorite PJ's is a pair I got at Target a few years back--they have fleece pants and a long sleeve shirt--and they are Hello Kitty Snow School :P

    MangyCat said...

    Well, you could always go for the layered look, and just make that lower layer something slinky. Maybe your dear hubby enjoy the "hunt." Ooo la la!

    D. Gudger said...

    Okay, what's wrong with this picture. Why don't men wear slinky perma-wedgie bottoms for slumber?

    Because they'd be up all night picking at it, grumbling and shivering in the cold.

    I love my snuggly UGLY pajamas! Costco has some good deals on winter PJs. Fleece, flannel...