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    Wednesday, February 10, 2010


    Yes, I wrote –times on purpose. Monkey and Chunky still call it Valentimes Day, which I find funny.

    Sunday’s the big day. Are you looking forward to it? Me neither.

    Have you noticed that American holidays are all about candy? Now, I have nothing against candy, but instead of packaging the same chocolate-covered marshmallow goo in a Santa shape, then a heart, then a shamrock, then an egg, and so forth, why don’t they make a generic holiday chocolate blob? After all, that’s sort of what Americans are turning into, right? Generic holiday blobs.

    Michelle Obama thinks so.

    Side note: I’m so glad Mrs. Obama is going to make the elementary school provide vegetables so my kids will have another opportunity to refuse to eat them. Now I can share my mom guilt.

    Ok, I’m not really a Valentine’s Day hater. I know some women detest the annual love fest because some guy in their past has gotten it horribly wrong. I don’t blame them. But I’ve never experienced the dreaded V-Day/D-Day. Sure I had some romance-less Valentine’s Days.

    Once my boyfriend equivalent called to tell me he thought about sending me flowers. Yeah, that was touching. Actually, I didn’t care because I’d just bought myself some really awesome combat boots. What can I say? It was the nineties. I had a crush on Doc Martin. I guess I needed this shirt.

    Kory and I have had some fun Valentine’s Days. In fact, we kissed for the first time on Valentine’s Day. Awww! And one year we made our own pasta, and he gave me a dozen roses, and I dragged him to see Titanic for the third time.

    But now we don’t usually make a fuss over the day. Our anniversary is in January. So we’ve just celebrated our relationship and love and all that mushy stuff and when Valentine’s Day comes around, it just seems redundant. I mean, no one needs that much love, do they?

    Last year I came up with an idea that I think is a nice, sane alternative to overpriced flowers and chocolate. I suggested we buy each other music for Valentine’s Day. Actually, it’s kind of a personal gift, don’t you think? You have to put some thought into it.

    Naturally, I haven’t put any thought into it. I have no idea what CD I’ll buy him this year. But I’m absolutely sure he’s completely forgotten about our new tradition, so at least I’m one step ahead of my husband.

    Which brings us to another holiday tradition: The Valentine’s Day Expectations/Guilt Cycle. Usually women are the perpetrators. We buy something really over-the-top for our guy, knowing full well that he isn’t even aware it’s February, let alone that Cupid’s celebration approaches. Then we present it to him on the 14th and watch him squirm. Why are we so evil? I suggest we all go buy a pair of combat boots, or whatever shoes make you happy, and call it good.

    How about you? Do you hate Valentine’s Day? Love it? Do you have any super memories to share? How about not-so-super memories?

    Let’s regurgitate all our pink and red nonsense and remind ourselves that showing love is meaningful any day of the year. Except, maybe, February 14th.

    Oh, and if any of you know my husband well enough to know what CD he’d like, please clue me in.


    Andrea said...

    Sitka has an award for you at All Gods Creatures.
    Hope you find the right cd.

    Linda B said...

    The first year we were married, my husband gave me a toilet seat for Valentines Day. It wasn't even new. He had refinished it. He thought I'd be thrilled to get a wood toilet seat.

    Anonymous said...

    Romance, Shmomance! My husband reminded me the other day that Sunday was Valentine's day. I replied with, "so." He laughed. I think he was secretly trying to avoid the squirming dumb guy look you mentioned. Pretty smart of him to make sure we were on the same unromantic track.

    However, I do make pink heart shaped pancakes. Disclaimer: No vegetables are harmed in the making of my breakfast. Just a sweet way to start the day.

    Kathy said...

    hee hee. How about you tell her Sound the Alarm by Howie Day...
    Kathy at Seakr hope this helps

    Kathy said...

    hee hee. How about you tell her Sound the Alarm by Howie Day...

    Kathy at Seakr

    Jennette said...

    Well, my husband is from Zambia, Africa and they don't celebrate Valentine's day. So needless to say we don't do much. This year I think it will be just another day for us. I'm with you on sharing the love all year long.

    Kay Day said...

    Seems whenever we tried to celebrate Valentime's Day, one of us was always sick.
    So now it's a family holiday. Hubby and I get each other a card, but that's it.
    I decorate the table and we have candlelight and sparkling cider and the kids love it. So there you go. No pressure, no expectations. I like that.

    Atypical Girl said...

    I'm going to try to make my roomie some origami flowers for V-tine's day. I'm not sure why I felt the need to stare that with you, Evangeline.

    The holiday chocolate blob theory is good, except for one thing--they couldn't make the candy 80% off two days after the holiday is over if it was year-round. See? It's all good.