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    Saturday, March 26, 2011

    Contest Winner and Some Blog Changes

    Just a quick post today to let you all know that Renee won the Saint Patrick’s Day drawing for a copy of The Dragon and the Turtle Go on Safari. Renee, if you didn’t see my comment on your blog, please email your address to evangelinedenmark at msn dot com. By the way, Renee has mad cake decorating skills. Check out this gorgeous cake she made for a baby shower. If I’d been invited, I would’ve brandished a pair of deadly plastic forks and prevented hungry and misguided guests from destroying/eating her art. Perhaps this is why no one invites me to parties anymore.

    I also wanted to let you all know that I hope to bring some changes to Breathe In Breathe Out. In an effort to post more often, I plan to incorporate stream of consciousness writing and random selections from the phone book.

    Or, if it turns out that Abe Aarnt and Adele Abercrombie don’t want me to post their phone numbers on my blog, I may dig a little deeper for quality content. I’ll still be posting mom humor because, frankly, I need to in order to stay sane. But I’d also like to explore my passion for supernatural stories.

    My friend, Sarah Sawyer, does an awesome job of exploring fantasy elements on her blog. I admire her for her scholarship, elegant writing, and treatment of spiritual themes within the fantasy genre. While I know I don’t have Sarah’s style or skill, I’d like to follow her example and be part of the discussion in my own superficial, romance-junkie way.

    I’d also like to bring more book reviews to the blog. One of the first questions I ask my girlfriends when we get together is, “What are you reading?” I don’t expect a book report, I just want a quick recommendation on where I should spend my limited reading time and even more limited brain power.

    So far, I have no official plan for implementing my proposed changes. I know some folks would take a Monday/Wednesday/Friday approach, assigning a specific topic to each day. But that’s not how I roll. We’ll just do this Forrest Gump style and chew on whatever we happen to pull from the box.

    I hope you'll enjoy the selection.

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    Sarah Sawyer said...

    Your words of encouragement brightened my day, Evangeline! I'm glad you're not dropping the mom humor altogether...I always enjoy the stories you share. And I look forward to hearing what you have to say about stories in the supernatural/paranormal genre. I know from talking with you that you have some excellent thoughts and insight, and I'm excited that you'll be exploring it here!