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    Monday, June 13, 2011

    Wheels, Trees, and a Little Cheese

    So my husband is an optimist. Who knew?

    A couple weeks ago, out of nowhere, he said, “I was thinking we should get you a bike.”

    My first thought was, But I don’t go outside.

    My second thought was, Has he forgotten what happened last time I was on a bike?

    When we were dating, he witnessed my first bicycle ride as an adult. I rode into a tree. Sadly this wasn’t the first time I’d ridden into a tree. I drove a snowmobile into one when I was around 13 or 14. I’m pretty sure if I’d ridden a horse more than once in my life, I also would have somehow managed to navigate the both of us into a tree. It seems that riding astride of things (ahem!) is not my strong suit.

    But Kory had faith in me, and after my initial resistance to the idea of two wheels, I actually got excited about getting a bicycle. Especially when Kory started sending me pictures of cute cruisers and comfort bikes with seats like sofa cushions. Not to mention the baskets! I pictured a 50s version of myself riding down the street in bobby socks and a ponytail. Oh, I would immediately drop 30 pounds and be adorable on my retro bike with a basket and fancy rims and maybe even a bell.

    We finally found the right one and ordered it AND the basket AND the matching helmet (Wait! What about my ponytail?) It came today, Kory put it together—he has the necessary education for such a task—and I took my first ride.

    Oh. My. Gosh. As it turns out, one needs muscles to ride a bike. I seem to have none. Whatsoever. But going downhill was fun. I can’t wait to get on it again and build up some strength. Maybe I will get rid of that 30 pounds after all.

    At the risk of sounding a little corny (ugh! Hate corny!), my husband has no idea what this pretty bike means to me. I had no idea when he suggested getting me a bicycle that it would actually touch my heart. (Ew! I know, I know. This is so not me.) But when I was a little girl I desperately wanted a pink and purple ten speed. And the permed, blonde 80s hair to go with it. What I had was a hand-me-down dirt bike. And straight, almost-black hair.

    Time passed. I forgot about the pink and purple ten speed. 80s fashions wilted, thank goodness, and I learned to like my straight, dark hair. I didn’t know there was a part of me that still longed for a sleek, stylish bicycle. Until my husband said, “I want to buy you a bike.” Then he let me pick out the prettiest, most girly one we could find, and when I balked at the price he said, “You’re worth it.”

    All that remains is picking out a worthy name for my lovely cruiser. Any suggestions?


    Amy (ArtsyBookishGal) said...

    I want to get a bike, too. But I might wait until fall or spring. And I totally want the cushy seat and a basket. I did have a super awesome bike as a kid though. However, I have no husband to put a bike together for me. *sob* Or boyfriend. *double sob* Or any other male I know that knows how to use tools. *triple sob* I'll figure it out though.

    I love your bike. You should get a little dog to ride in the front. Or maybe take the turtles for a spin...although it might not be a good idea to involve animal life until you master this not riding into trees thing.

    Yay for Cory! A true gentleman among men. :)

    Holly said...

    something with Cherry.
    Or popscicle.
    or lollypop.

    to me, it looks like you could eat it...can you tell?
    very cute!

    Daphne said...

    Her name should be Catherine, perhaps? Wuthering Heights, Northanger Abbey?

    Though I still think that my original suggestion of Alexia fits her well.

    And seriously with the (ahem!)! Unexpected out of you young lady! LOVE IT!

    Evangeline Denmark said...

    Amy, I think you can go to the bike shop and have them put it together for you. Who knows, maybe you'll meet somebody there.
    Holly, I was totally thinking along the lines of Cherry. I liked the popsicle suggestion too, but I'm leaning toward Cherry Blossom because of the flower stickers.
    Daph, you really shouldn't be surprised. You know me better.

    Tiffany S said...

    I was thinking Red Riding Hood or something. But anyway, thanks for the laugh. Although I honestly don't think a horse would run itself into a tree. But it might run YOU into one. My husband's uncle used to have one that would find the lowest branch it could manage to duck under in order to knock riders off.

    Jennifer ♥ said...

    Pretty bike! You ARE worth it! It reminds me of the Friends episode when Phoebe got a new bike and didn't know how to ride it. I'm sure that picture of you on the bike is staged, but don't forget to wear your helmet! I don't want to hear of any trees jumping out in front of you :)

    (My name suggestions are too dirty so I'll leave that alone!)

    crownring said...

    I'm with E on this one, Amy. As someone who is married to a dedicated cyclst who has assembled his own custom bikes from parts bought on E-Bay, I've picked up a few bits of information along the way that might be helpful to you.

    Go to a REAL bike shop or three or four until you find one you like. They will set up a bike for you, unlike Walmart, Target, or KMart. They will have your size and can make helpful recommendations. They'l also be there when you need repairs.

    What Cory bought for E is a retro cruiser, which is fine for casual and comfortable city/town riding. If you want to do organized bike rides, a crossbike or mountain bike is probably your best bet. Skinny road bike tires simply will not stand up to gravel or rough pavement, let alone dirt.

    The main thing is, if you get a bike, Amy, I want you to be happy with it and actually ride it. If you'd like more info, I'd be happy to share more with you.

    BTW, E, bravo to Cory for getting you a bike and bravo to you for riding it! Not only will you lose those thirty pounds, but you'll get strong sexy legs and other physical niceties. Ride on, girlie, ride on!


    Sonia said...

    Cute bike. My name suggestion is "Rose" or "Rose Red." Do you remember reading the story, "Snow White and Rose Red." It's way back in my memory cells and I can't remember much more, but your bike reminds me of "Rose Red."

    Enjoy your bike! Safe travels!