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    Monday, January 10, 2011

    I Don't Have a Special Word!

    So it’s January. I realize everyone else is used to the idea, but I toasted the New Year with the highly-addictive cocktail of Albuterol nebulizer treatments and Codeine-laced cough syrup. I can’t remember the stroke of midnight, but I do recall uncontrollable twitching from my bronchodilator “upper” and odd dreams from my narcotic “downer.”

    Luckily I was prepared beforehand with some, in my opinion, pretty stellar resolutions.

    1. Stop buying cheap shoes.
    2. Stop buying cheap bras.

    But, according to the social media powers that be, resolutions are SO last year. It seems the thing to do nowadays is pick one word to be your theme word for the year. You know, like Courage. Or Forgiveness. Or Contentment. Or Pizza. Or Fluffy.

    This is a way cool idea. But telling me to pick one word to guide my year is like sending me into Payless to buy one shoe. I couldn’t do it even if I tried. And the results would be entirely inadequate.

    What’s a girl to do?

    Well, nothing, for awhile anyway. I spent the first week of the year in resolution-less, special word-less limbo. In not unrelated news, I also officially decided to give up writing several times during this gray, unpleasant week. I told my husband that the neon signs read, “Stop wasting time trying to get published.” He disagreed, but I have never been one to listen the first time he says something. See Household Budget.

    Despite having officially quit writing, I still spent the two extra seconds I had last week working on my novel. During these little creative spurts, I just pretended not to feel the weight of discouragement and not to see the signs that told me, “Your time would be better spent scrubbing grout with a toothbrush.”

    The more I practiced this intentional ignorance, the happier I became. Pretty soon a song started running through my head, and I realized I had my theme for the year. In willful defiance of The Signs, I choose to move forward, to continue writing, and to not allow any time for regret.

    So here’s my resolution, my theme, my determination for 2011. I choose to Forget and Not Slow Down.


    Kay Day said...

    Great theme!
    I could use a little of that, too.

    Jeanne T said...

    I like your "words" (lyrics), Evangeline! :)

    crownring said...

    Saying on January calendar...

    Always look forward. There are no regrets in that direction.

    ;) Cr

    Atypical Girl said...

    First of all, I'm way behind on my blog reading (as you can tell), but I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE that you love Relient K so much that you posted a Relient K video. On New Year's Eve I always listen to Five Iron Frenzy's song about NYE.

    I those the whole not buying cheap bras/shoes things is actually a funny, yet great idea. Here's why--you need something to hold up the girls, and a good bra makes you feel better about you. I go for shoes that last a while and it helps my feet to be healthier. See, it's all about feeling good about you, which makes you happier.

    I'm so right. :)