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    Wednesday, May 16, 2012

    Daleks at the Dollar Store

    You know you’re obsessed with Doctor Who when you encounter Dalek appendages at the Dollar Store and text your husband a picture.

    It took me awhile to get into Doctor Who. I desperately wanted to like it because, you know, all the cool kids talk about Doctor Who. But at first I couldn’t get over the cheesy effects and the fact that mop buckets with plungers and paint rollers were supposed to be terrifying.

    But we made it through the 2005 series, and then David Tennant stepped into the Doctor’s role and it was all over for me. I love a man with a Scottish accent! So much so in fact that his departure left me bereft. My only solace was to stand outside my boys’ room while they listened to their How to Train Your Dragon audio books, which Tennant narrates.

    We just finished the first series with Matt Smith as the eleventh regeneration of the doctor. I’m almost used to him. I still hate his bow tie. (I know, “Bow ties are cool.”) And why are his pants so short?! Can someone explain this to me?

    I don’t know why, but sometime during the first series we watched, I started counting Gareths in the credits. The most Gareths I’ve ever spotted is three. Other favorite first names to watch speeding by are Morag and Endaff. Again, I don’t know why I do this, but Kory knows better than to fast forward the Doctor Who credits. He patiently waits while I stare at the screen, hollering, “One Gareth! Two Gareths!” not unlike the Count on Sesame Street.

    So, since I am hopelessly weird and perhaps need balance in my life, I thought we’d play a little game called How Obsessed with Doctor Who are You? I know some of my readers must be worse off than I am. You already know the extent of my obsession, (I count Gareths and listen to annoyingly juvenile dragon books read by MY Doctor), but I’ll give a couple more examples to get things started.

    I’m so obsessed with Doctor Who that I crocheted an Ood mask and I wear it on special occasions.

    I’m so obsessed with Doctor Who that I demand my husband wear pinstripe pajamas.

    I’m so obsessed with Doctor Who that I dress up as the TARDIS on weekends.

    I’m so obsessed with Doctor Who I’m eating myself into the shape of the TARDIS while watching Doctor Who marathons.

    Ok, your turn. Any TARDIS painted fingernails out there? Who is your favorite Doctor? If it’s not David Tennant just know that henceforth you’re dead to me. And if you don’t watch Doctor Who and you think I need a new hobby, what would you suggest, keeping in mind that I’m an Indoor Person?


    kersley.fitz said...

    I'm so glad you've finally come to the dark side!

    You know I'm a Doctor Who nerd in my heart, but the only nerddom I can claim is that I have a cardboard, foldy-thing Tardis and a Dalek from the WWII show on my bookcase at work.

    The thing is, I find Matt Smith to be strangely androgynous. Which isn't necessarily bad for a 1000-year-old alien, but it makes him a bit harder to relate to.

    But maybe that's just because he's half my age.

    Donita K. Paul said...

    Aha! This old grandma was cool before her daughter. I fell for the Doctor Who series way before she did. I kinda like the 9th Doctor. Enjoyed his accent and his rustic charm. But I agree the tenth doctor takes the cake. And the 11th? Well if he wasn't Doctor Who, I'd probably not even know his name.

    Ashley Mays said...

    I'm an equal David Tennant/Matt Smith fan...I attribute it to the fact that I only started watching Doctor Who when Matt Smith was the Doctor (and you never forget your first Doctor). When my husband found out I actually liked it, he made me go back and watch all Tennant episodes and I kind of fell in love there, too.

    Kay Day said...

    But I really liked Nine, too, and he could have been my favorite if I could have known him longer.
    11 has grown on me as I've watched him more. I re-watch the episodes and I like him better the second time through.
    The question is: who is your favorite companion? I really can't choose. I like Rose least. I love Donna. I think perhaps Donna is my favorite. But I also really like Martha. Amy is fine. I just think she pales in comparison to the others. Rory rocks.

    Evangeline Denmark said...

    Good question Kay. Actually it took me awhile to like Donna but I did eventually. I think Martha was my favorite and I like both Rose and Amy. But, yes, hands down Rory rocks. Love him!

    Kay Day said...

    Have you seen this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxB1gB6K-2A

    Lauren's "thing" is to always say "I ain't bovvered." The Catherine Tate Show varies between hilarious and raunchy. This one is raunchless.

    Daphne said...

    I'm so obsessed with Doctor Who that I have written fanfic.

    I'm so obsessed with Doctor Who that I can tell you the first names of every Doctor. William, Patrick, Jon, Tom, Peter, Colin, Sylvester, Paul, Christopher, David, Matt.

    I am so obsessed that I named my garden "Thyme And Raspberry Dimension in Sage".

    I am so obsessed that I can name every episode of Series 5 and 6 in order.

    I'm so obsessed that I have the TARDIS Index File Wiki bookmark on the bookmark bar of my internet browser, just in case I need to look up something Doctor related.

    I am so obsessed that I know where to go for spoilers, set photos, etc, and which websites have the best transcripts of episodes.

    I am so obsessed that I feel like asking people who watch Doctor Who a fairly simple question - "Who is your 5th favorite Doctor?"

    I am so obsessed that whenever people say "other dimension in space" I assume they are talking about Doctor Who.

    I am so obsessed that when my sister told me she was dating a guy named "Keegan" I got all excited because I thought she said "Tegan". Tegan was a time companion of the 5th Doctor.

    Daphne said...

    "time companion"? I think I meant "long time companion".

    Evangeline Denmark said...

    So far you win the paint roller, Daphne. No one else has come close to your awesomeness. I especially loved what you named your garden. You're clever. Very, very clever.

    Hood said...

    I adore both Nine and Ten. (Agree with Mrs. Paul on Nine's accent--a Northern English accent is a lovely alternative to the typical posh accent.) I do, however, pretend that the series ended after Ten and that Eleven never happened.

    Don't think I can beat Daphne, but I can at least compete. ;) (Love the garden name, by the way!)

    I have a painting of the TARDIS (done by a friend) hanging above my bed. I also keep a crocheted TARDIS (done by the same friend) on the bed.

    I do, in fact, have a TARDIS t-shirt. Love that thing. (One of these days, I will be designing a shirt that says, "The angels have the phone box." It will happen.)

    I've created multiple Doctor Who desktop wallpapers and did, in fact, spend an entire month or two of my life creating nothing but.

    I possess an orange acrylic contact juggling ball aptly named "Gallifrey." I also have a black ball called "Dalekanium." Of course they had to be rivals!

    The contact juggling blog I co-write with a friend may or may not be called "Time and Space and Contact Juggling." (http://timespacecontactjuggling.blogspot.com/)

    Now that you all have gotten me in a mood for some Who, I think I'll have to clear some time to watch an episode or two. ;)