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    Monday, May 7, 2012

    Of Moths and Wild Boys

    Moths have invaded Colorado Springs. Most people find them annoying and a little creepy, but here in the Denmark household, they’re something special.

    The moths remind me of the summer after Kory and I met. We must’ve had a dry winter in 1997 because the moths took over that spring. I have memory flashes of insect aerial displays at intersections, warm evenings with moth-dotted walls, and fluttery things swarming porch lights. So, as weird as it is, I find our current moth infestation nostalgic and even a little romantic.

    Two little Nerf warriors in my house view the invasion with frenzied joy. Most evenings our bedtime routine is hijacked by Moth Wars. The boys pause somewhere in between changing for bed to take up arms and hunt the pests.

    Despite the fact that it is extremely hard to hit a moth with a Nerf dart, if I were a tiny, winged creature, I’d be terrified of the shirtless giants and their loud, yellow weapons. But nobody ever said moths were intelligent, and so the battles rage.

    My house is strewn with darts. I trip over a Nerf gun every night when I go to turn off their lava lamp. Then I’m startled by the flight of the silent enemy as I return to our bedroom.

    But I don’t mind.

    The next time the Miller moths invade they’ll bring with them memories of new love and wild little boys who refuse to go to bed. But who will they find? An overworked dad? Likely. A tired mom? Most definitely. Two teenage boys with plans, frustrations, too much homework, and too little sleep? Probably. I just hope that somewhere in those messy rooms, there’s still a Nerf gun or two ready for some action.


    Brandi said...

    Yay, your boys are your personal pest control :) Those moths may hold romantic and nostalgic connotations for you, but they just plain scare me. I hate all insects, but even more so the hairy, fuzzy ones with wings. Fortunately, my dog likes the taste of them.

    Jennifer ♥ said...

    I'll gladly send all my creepy moths to your house. Win-win situation :)

    Beth K. Vogt said...

    I love the glimpses into your life. ALthough I gotta say, I don't find moths romantic. And my daughter tends to run the other way from the moths. Maybe I should tell her to lug out her Nerf gun and go at 'em. Now there's an idea!